The Secret ~ Do You Know What It Is?

I have to say, when I first heard about this I shook my head. I sincerely thought I had fallen into a colossal scam. I had no intention of watching the video and I was beginning to think my colleague, Gary was a nutcase.

A nice nutcase but a nutcase, nonetheless!

Well, the nutty guy actually paid for me to watch the 90-minute movie, and since I didn’t have to give away any identifying information or commit myself to anything at all, I figured I’d at least visit the site and see what all of this was about.

Within 60 seconds I was hooked. First of all the film was exceptionally well done. Musical score, videography, ambiance, clarity … just a really well done piece. Being a literature and medieval student, I was really absorbed by the historical references. It doesn’t matter if they are “true” or not, the way they were used illustrated the objective of the piece. What really nailed me down for 90 minutes was the cast. Now, they weren’t celebrities .. no Angelina’s, no Johnny Depp’s, no glitz, no glitter .. but they were very reputable personages from various walks of life and highly respected leaders in their professions, such as Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield.

Anyway, to get on with the getting on. I’m not an airy-fairy type, or even a real newage, aging hippie .. I’m a pretty practical, down-to-earth blunt speaking person. I wouldn’t call myself a conformist but I also wouldn’t call myself a radical non-conformist either .. I just like doing my own thing and think I dance best to the music of my own drums. I hate being scammed, and I hate being bs’d .. I like direct information. Don’t sugar-coat it, just give me the pill and I’ll take it.

Well, in a very real way that’s what this 90-minute movie does. As you watch you realize they aren’t selling you anything. Sure, you can buy the DVD but you don’t have to. Sure, you can buy the other books the dozen or more professionals in the film have written but you don’t have to. Not once did I hear a single pitch for anything. What I heard was an extraordinary explanation of what the Secret is, and how it works. I heard what I have to do to make it work. That was the revelation, for me.

What I have to do to make it work.

I have to do one thing, really. It’s amazingly simple, and in return, amazingly difficult. I have to believe in me.

There are 3 primary steps:

1. Ask.
2. Answer
3. Receive.

So, place your order, have your order delivered, and be home to sign for it. Sounds silly huh? It’s not. While I am minimizing the process somewhat here, it really is simple. Understanding what the steps entail is where the complexity and difficulty comes in for so many of us.

We are inherently suspicious of anything that seems too easy. Really. Our cultural upbringing and mores don’t allow us to do anything without the prerequisite blood, sweat and tears (apologies to the singing group!). If you don’t work hard for it, you cannot have it. I believed this as well. For almost 54 years I’ve believed this.

Today, I do not believe this.

Today, I believe that I will have those things I truly want and I will have them because I asked for them. I don’t know how, and the more I study this, the more I realize, I don’t need to know how, I just need to let it happen. Or as the Beatles sang, “Let it Be.”

And best of all … it’s actually begun to happen.

If you don’t know The Secret, now is a good time to discover it for yourself.


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